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In order to be able to service our international customers, our offices are in LILLE, Northern France. The LILLE area is known as "Europe's crossroads" between the important business centres of PARIS, LONDON, BRUSSELS, AMSTERDAM and COLOGNE.
All locations can be reached by fast train (TGV) in 30 minutes to 2 hours.

The LILLE area has 1.2 million inhabitants and is France's second largest urban region. The greater LILLE area, a Euro metropolis including Belgian territory, covers 2,500 km² or 1,570 square miles and has 1.9 million French and Belgian inhabitants. 28 % of the population is less than 20 years old. In this area, 46,000 businesses employ 815,000 people. More than 100 million Europeans (British, Belgians, Dutch and French) are within a 190 mile radius
Northern France is the birthplace of the French retail and mail order industries and has a very dynamic business record, including e-business. Each year, more and more international companies establish affiliates in the region: Toyota, Bayer Schering, etc

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244 avenue de la république
59 110 La madeleine France
+33 320 64 77 08
c o n t a c t @ a d a l i d . f r

Plan d'accès :
GPS (sexagécimal) : 50° 39' 03"N - 3° 04' 52"E
GPS (décimal) : Lat 50.65082364 - 3.08122613

4 Place de l'Opéra
75002 Paris - France
+33 185 090 514

Plan d'accès :
GPS (sexagécimal) : 48° 52' 13''N - 2° 19' 58''E
GPS (décimal) : Lat 48.8704227 - 2.33281250

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